On faith and politics

On my previous blog, The Spyglass, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on the relationship of Christian theology and praxis with American politics.

Barack Obama and the case for faith in the public square
This is the first post I ever put up about Sen. Obama. While he hasn’t lived up to my hopes, I still appreciate the call he put forward in his address to the Building a Covenant for a New America conference for “a deeper, fuller conversation about religion in this country.”

The idolatry of American politics
One of my recurring themes: “When our politics shapes our faith rather than the other way around—when our identity is defined even in part by a political party or a political cause—then our political commitments have claimed a place that belongs only to God, and we are guilty of idolatry.”

Moral arguments and the political process
Returning to the theme of “the case for faith in the public square,” and why secularism should not be privileged above other faiths.

Politics in a state of grace
Thoughts on a properly Christian approach and attitude to politics.

Memo to the movement: be careful
On Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and avoiding the temptation to messianic politics.

Moral psychology and voting right (or left)
On understanding the reasons why people disagree with us (and why that’s more of a problem for liberals than for conservatives).

Put not your trust in princes
On the proper limits of political convictions and commitments.

Keeping perspective on the election
The key is to remember who holds our first allegiance.

Thoughts on the humility proper to politics
On being aware of our own imperfection, and especially with respect to our political positions.

What has Christ to do with politics?
What is the proper connection between the life of faith and political life?

The temptation and peril of theologized politics
The dangers of letting our politics drive our faith.

Using faith for political ends
On the importance of ending the political subservience of religion.